The XML Guild maintains affiliations with some of the top XML consulting services companies, which enables us to provide our customers with the end-to-end solutions they need to succeed as competitive organizations.

Adam Retter Consulting

Adam Retter provides consulting services and training around eXist, XQuery, XSLT, XML Schema, Java and Scala. With a particuar focus on data modelling and adhering to XML standards.

Cogitech Inc. is a consulting company serving clients in a broad range of industries, including Financial, Manufacturing, Insurance, Publishing, and more.

Cogitech stands for "Cogitative Technologies". Our credo is to deliver solutions utilizing the most advanced concepts in conjunction with open standards and down-to-earth technologies. Cogitech likes challenging assignments and our people research the best approach before suggesting a solution. Cogitech proudly stands behind what it delivers. Our R&D team seeks new solutions and contributes them to the community at various conferences.

Crane Softwrights Ltd. is a consultancy delivering Computer Systems Analysis and training services worldwide since April 1997. We focus primarily in structured text processing related to the Web-based Extensible Markup Language (W3C XML) family of Recommendations and the international Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML - ISO 8879:1986) family of Standards. We specialize in the structuring of and processing of information, in particular training and deploying the use of the W3C XSL/XSL-FO, XSLT, XPath and XQuery set of Recommendations and OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) artefacts and systems for electronic commerce and transportation.

Creative Words, founded in 1995, provides services and expertise in markup technologies, data migration, and publishing. Our clients range from tiny one-man operations to global publishers. We're based in Göteborg, Sweden, but welcome clients worldwide.

Datypic provides consulting services and training, specializing in XML architecture and development, content management, electronic publishing and service-oriented architecture (SOA). We are experts in XML-related technologies such as XML Schema, XSLT and XQuery, and have extensive experience with software development and implementation.

We participate in consulting projects ranging from one day to many months, anywhere in the world. We can arrange to work remotely or at your site, whichever you prefer.

Our mission is to lead our customers in the world of the most promising leading edge technologies of the Internet, such as XML and the Semantic Web.

We do consulting, deliver training and communicate a lot to explain these technologies.

Electronic Commerce Connection, Inc. (ECC) is a consulting and training firm providing internet, computer, and information technology services, with a primary focus in the rapidly evolving electronic information industry. ECC in located in the Washington/Baltimore area. As pioneers in the industry, ECC's staff has extensive experience in the development of electronic and on-line information resource systems.

H2O Consulting provides consultancy and development in Core XML technologies, Web services and SOA. Within XML, it is specialized in XSLT, XQuery, XML Schema and native XML databases. It is based in Belgium, but works worldwide.

Infoloom provides a combination of consulting services and application development for connecting vast corpora of complex knowledge in ways that are optimized for ease of use.

Information is what it is, not necessarily what we want it to be. A bottom-up approach, resulting in highly customized views, is a key factor to success in the field of information management. It is more manageable, extensible, and affordable than a traditional approach based on top-down pre-requisite agreements, and it makes it easier to maintain applications over the long term.

Machines will never replace human beings. We, humans, need to make machines work our way and not the reverse. Infoloom's activities focus on the challenging and ever-changing task of finding the right balance between human expertise and automatic processing.

Innovimax provides a combination of consulting services, training and application development on XML ecosystem.

Our added value is especially sound in XPath oriented technologies (XProc, XSLT, XQuery) and in validation technologies (XML Schema, Relax NG, NVDL)

We are based in Paris, France.

Our goal is to make XML mainstream by focusing now on Optimisation and Streaming

Lenz Consulting Group, Inc.

Lenz Consulting Group leverages expertise in XML technologies, content management, and publishing workflows to repeatedly help companies achieve extraordinary results. Services include audits of existing tools and processes; architectural and strategic direction for XML content management; customized training and mentoring; XSLT, XQuery, and XSL-FO development; Microsoft Office XML applications; XBRL applications; and XML information modeling and schema development.

Megginson Technologies

Megginson Technologies Ltd. specializes in XML consulting. We have years of experience with information systems, with customers ranging from big players like Boeing, Reuters, and McGraw-Hill, to governments and academia, to dynamic new start-ups.

Menteith Consulting specialises in consulting and training in XML, XSL, and XSLT.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Menteith Consulting has a global reach.

Our staff have been working with markup since 1991, with XML since 1996, and with XSL/XSLT since 1998.

Menteith Consulting presents a unique range of skills extending beyond XML and XSL/XSLT into Unicode, SGML, DSSSL, and programming in C, Java, Perl, Lisp, and other languages.

We understand how markup works. Our staff has worked with markup in Japan, USA, and Ireland as user, consultant, and developer, with data in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, with academic, automotive, publishing, software, and telecommunications applications, and in the Web Services, ebXML, and document processing arenas.

We are also interested in applying the tools for ensuring software quality – unit testing, code coverage, profiling, and other tools – to XML and XSL/XSLT processing.

Mulberry Technologies

Mulberry Technologies, Inc., is an XML and SGML consultancy specializing in applications that have a text design, processing, interchange, or display component. We provide advice and support for such implementations, run facilitated Document Analysis sessions, write DTDs and schemas, teach XML and XSLT to developers and users, specify and test software, and help with hardware/software selection and with workflow and process reorganization. We write and customize XML Tag Sets (documented DTDs and Schemas), help clients identify where XML fits into their workflow, what XML models and tools best meet their needs, and how to customize those tools. We develop XSLT and XSL-FO starter stylesheets and teach clients how to maintain these mission-critical tools themselves. We offer training at the executive, manager, and technical level in XML, XSLT, and related technologies.

Pineapplesoft is a consulting and training company offering the combined experience of Pascale Dechamps and Benoît Marchal. We are based in Namur, Belgium. Our customers are worldwide (mostly in France and the rest of Europe).

Pineapplesoft is best known as an XML consultant. Indeed as early as 1997 we co-founded the XML/EDI Group. Ever since we have accumulated a large experience in building XML-based solutions.

Robin Berjon provides consulting services around Web and XML standards, focusing on open, royalty free solutions that integrate well in the existing development ecosystem.

He has extensive experience in groups from W3C, OMTP, OMA, 3GPP, TV Anytime, and MPEG; and has both chaired groups and edited standards. He is based in Paris, France.

Saxonica develops both the open-source and commercial versions of the Saxon XSLT and XQuery processor, and delivers consultancy, training, and software development services to XML users in general, and to Saxon users and integrators in particular - sometimes only indirectly related to Saxon itself.

Saxonica's clients fall into two main groups: software product developers looking to integrate Saxon technology as a component of their own products, and user organizations. The latter come from a wide variety of industry sectors, including investment banking, manufacturing, publishing, insurance, and transport. Assignments range from one-off performance tuning exercises, to long-term project mentoring involving periodic reviews of project progress and future direction.